What is trespassing into others rights?

This concept covers a wide area. Trespasses into ones body and property are concerned with the material rights; and those into ones heart and soul are concerned with spiritual rights.

The biggest trespass into ones material rights is murder; the treachery of cutting off the relations of man with this Universe, preventing one from worship, from reflecting upon the divine works and from giving thanks for the blessings God sent, and piercing and passing through the nearly seventy trillion cells that call the name of God.

The learned of fiqh say that murder is acceptable under three circumstances:

-Entering blasphemy after faith
-performing adultery though married
-killing someone unjustly

Apart from these conditions, one cannot be killed.

"Whoever kills a human being for other than manslaughter or corruption in the Earth, it shall be as if he had killed all mankind." (Al-Maidah Surah, 5:32).

As an explanation to that verse, Bediüzzaman says,

"The life and blood of an innocent cannot be taken for even all the mankind. Both of them are equal in the place of might and that of justice." (Sunuhat)

In other words; as it is the same to the power of God to create a human being and all the humanity, it is also the same according to His mercy and justice to murder a human being and all the humanity.

While man trespasses others rights, somehow s/he forgets that they are the slaves of God. S/he fails to think, "If I behave unjustly toward a slave of God, then I will be subject to his torment." For this reason, he faces divine warnings.

As an interpreter of these divine warnings, Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) warned his community many times and in many ways.

Just tree examples:

"Beware of the malediction of the wronged; because there is no veil between his supplication and God." (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim)

"The bankrupt in my community is the one who comes to the Hereafter with prayer and zekah-distribution of one fortieth of one's income as alms (one of the five pillars of the Islamic faith). But at the same time the ones he has sworn at and has beaten come, too. Thus, some of his good deeds are given to these and those. If the good deeds give out before the rights of others are still on his shoulders, then the mistakes of the creditors are loaded upon him. Then he is cast into the Hell." (Muslim, Birr,59)

"If you are slain while persevering against the enemy without running away and relying on God for your reward, this will be the compensation for all your sins except your debts. I am informed of this by Gabriel." (Muslim)

There is a very important lesson here in the last hadith, Even the martyrdom does not do away with trespasses into others rights.

A believer who sacrifices his life in the way of God is not freed of his debts to others, though he gets the great reward of it; because God has left it to His slaves whether to renounce from their own debts or not. Likewise, the sins of the one who repents sincerely are forgiven except from the trespasses of into others rights.

"For the repentant people jurisdiction of Gods rights cannot be followed; but the jurisdiction of people is followed." (Hak Dini Kuran Dili)

For example, the one who talks bad behind someone cannot escape the punishment of this sin unless he gets forgiveness from that person.

Divine warnings come like "These are the limits of God, do not trespass." after the verses that establish the basics of justice among slaves. So trespassing into the rights of others is taken as trespassing into the limits of God. So with whom will the one who performs such a sin seek refuge?

Because man is the slave of God, trespassing into His rights also results in divine punishment and at that point the rights unit.

Why cannot we cut our own fingers and plot against our own lives? Because neither the body nor the soul is our own. We have no right to destruct the building, or to drive away the guest. What if we did? We would be in an effort to shape the creature of God without His will. And this is a rebellion against the laws of God, and a trespass into others rights. So with the same deed, two rights are trespassed at the same time.

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