Why we are not destroyed for all the rebellions of this era?

Our Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) invoked God against the destruction of his community. The most important of these invocations took place in his Farewell Pilgrimage, in Arafat and Muzdalifa. In these two holy places, he invoked for many things as God inspired. He even invoked for the forgiveness of the trespasses of others rights.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) most often invoked God not to destroy his community. He recounted to his community:

I asked my God not to destroy my community. My Lord accepted my supplication. He said: Their destruction will be among themselves. When they sin, I will set them quarreling and fighting. I also prayed for the abolishment of this; but my Lord did not abolish it.

The matter they could solve with their wills was not abolished. As long as other communities sin, heavenly and earthly mishaps will befall them; but as long as the community of Muhammad (PBUH) sin, they will clash with one another, their unity nd solidarity will be damaged, and they will fall into discord. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prayed for the abolishment of this many times; but God did not abolish it-He knows its purpose.

God knows best.

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