Tenth Droplet: Important news given by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) concerning the important events of the future such as the Doomsday and the hereafter.


Now, look! What curiosity-arousing, attractive, necessary, and awesome truths he shows, what matters he proves!

You know that what impels man most is curiosity. Even, if it was to be said to you: “If you give half of your life and property, someone will come from the Moon and Jupiter and tell you all about them. He will also tell you the truth about your future and what will happen to you,” you would be bound to give them if you have any curiosity at all. Whereas that Being tells of a Monarch Who is such that in His realm, the Moon flies round a moth like a fly, and the moth, the earth, flutters round a lamp, and the lamp, the sun, is merely one lamp among thousands in one guest-house out of thousands of that Monarch.

Also, he speaks truly of a world so wondrous and a revolution so momentous that if the earth was a bomb and exploded, it would not be all that strange. Look! Listen to Suras like, When the sun is folded up; (1) * When the sky is cleft asunder; (2) * [The Day] of Noise and Clamour; (3) which he recites.

Also, he speaks truly about a future in comparison with which the future in this world is like a tiny mirage. And he tells most seriously of a happiness in comparison with which all worldly happiness is but a fleeting flash of lightning in relation to an eternal sun.

(1) Qur’an, 81:1.

(2) Qur’an, 82:1.

(3) Qur’an, 101:1.

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Eleventh Droplet: The trueness and importance of the news of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) brought by him from the creator of the universe.

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