Fourth Droplet: The new form the universe takes with the light spread by the prophet Muhammad (PBUH).


See! He spreads such a Light of truth that if you look at the universe as being outside the luminous sphere of his truth and guidance, you see it to be like a place of general mourning, and beings strangers to one another and hostile, and inanimate beings to be like ghastly corpses and living creatures like orphans weeping at the blows of death and separation. Now look! Through the Light he spreads, that place of universal mourning has been transformed into a place where Allah’s Names and praises are recited in joy and ecstasy. The foreign, hostile beings have become friends and brothers. While the dumb, dead inanimate creatures have all become familiar officials and docile servants. And the weeping, complaining orphans are seen to be either reciting Allah’s Names and praises or offering thanks at being released from their duties.

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Fifth Droplet: The value living beings gained as a result of the light spread by the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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