Sixth Principle: The results that arise from the confusion of comparison and metaphors in hadiths with their true meanings.

SIXTH PRINCIPLE: There are certain stories which, having become universally known, have become like proverbs. Their true meanings are not borne in mind. For whatever purpose they were spread, that is what is considered. Thus, some stories and fables which have become well-known among people in this way, Allah’s Noble Messenger (Peace and blessings be upon him) told in the form of comparisons and metaphors for the purpose of guidance. If there is any error in the true meanings of this sort of matters, it pertains to the customs and traditions of the people, and the way they have been passed among them.

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Seventh Principle: The similes and parables in the hadiths are supposed to be physical facts once they pass to the hands of the ignorant people. The explanation of the following hadiths; "The hitting of the stone to the bottom of Hell in seventy years" and "the ox and the fish".


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