His Kursi (chair or pulpit) extends over the heavens and the earth, and He feels no fatigue in guarding and preserving them. (Al-Baraqah Surah, 2:255) What does Kursi mean that reads in the verse?

A Kursi is the chair or high seat upon which a ruler is seated on. While it means a big object that embraces the heavens and earth, it is sovereignty, dominion, supremacy, regality, greatness in metaphorical meaning.

In an hadith, it is stated, Seven Heavens in comparison to the Kursi, are like seven dirhem coins set in a shield. In another hadith, to signfy the greatness of Arsh (Throne) than that of a Kursi, it is made a comparison of the Kursi to the Arsh is that of a ring thrown in a vast desert.

The Kursi is said to be under Arsh, but above the seven heavens. Even though they are few, some scholars consider Kursi and Arsh as same things.

Kursi is an object above the material world. It is a mass, which embraces the heavens and earth; and all of the physical worlds. According to this, it cannot be thought that Arshs extending over the Kursi is something like a matters extending over another matter. Arsh is an object, splendor and grandeur of which are beyond matter and description. How it encapsulates the Kursi is something that boggle human mind. Human does not yet understand the true nature of himself, and unable to know how he moves his arms, feet, etc. Therefore, how could he shoulders such a burden?

His Kursi (chair or pulpit) extends over the heavens and the earth And the word Kursi in the verse is a figure of speech. It is not a material object nor does it signify neither any place nor it is physically created. It is not a thing on which God is imagined as being seated but is a symbol of His power and rule, which indicates His might, ability to control, authority, dominion, and mastery.

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