Shuja bin Wahb (r.a.)

Hz. Shuja was one of the first Muslims. He became a muhajir twice, migrating to both Abyssinia and Madinah.

He took part in all battles and war with the Prophet, primarily Badr and Uhud. He fought heroically.

One of the envoys the Prophet sent to various kings after the Treaty of Hudaybiya was Hz. Shuja. The Messenger of Allah sent him to the region around Damascus, to Harith bin Ab, Shimr al-Ghassani with a letter. When Shuja gave Harith the letter, Harith acted insolently. He talked nonsensically and said he would eliminate the Prophet.

When Hz. Shuja returned and told the Messenger of Allah about what he said, the Prophet said, “May his sultanate be destroyed!” As a matter of fact, Harith was destroyed with his sultanate after a while.

Hz. Shuja was martyred at the Battle of Yamama, which took place in the 12th year of the Migration during the caliphate of Hz. Abu Bakr.

May Allah be pleased with him![1]


[1] Tabaqat, 3: 94; Usdu'l-Ghaba, 2: 386.

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