Wahb bin Qabus (r.a.)

Wahb bin Qabus and his nephew Harith bin Uqba took some sheep to Madinah in order to sell them. When these two people, who were from the tribe of Muzani, saw that Madinah was almost empty, they asked, "Where are the people?" They said,

"They are in Uhud. They went there with the Messenger of Allah to fight Qurayshi polytheists." They said,

"Why are we staying here? We want to follow the Messenger of Allah, too. Let us go to Uhud." Then, they set off for Uhud.

When they arrived at Uhud, they found the Prophet. At that time, the polytheists had been defeated. They took out their swords and started to chase them.  

However, the archers left the hill where they had been positioned. Then, the enemy army started to attack from behind. The Muslims did not know what to do and they panicked.

Wahb and his nephew were fighting heroically even at that time.

Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas narrates: The polytheists surrounded the Messenger of Allah and us at Uhud. The enemy was attacking from all sides and approaching us. When a group of polytheists started to come toward us, the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Who will protect us against this team?" Wahb proceeded and said, ‘I will, O Messenger of Allah!' Then, he started to shoot arrows at the enemy. After that, he attacked them with his sword and drove them back. The enemy attacked for the second and third time. Each time, Wahb proceeded saying, ‘I will encounter them O Messenger of Allah!' He drove the enemy back again. When Wahb stood up to resist the enemy, the Messenger of Allah said, ‘Stand up! I give you the glad tiding that you will go to Paradise.'

This time, the Messenger of Allah spoke differently. He said Wahb would go to Paradise. Wahb took out his sword and attacked the ranks of the enemy as if he was waiting for this glad tiding for years. He fought heroically. He reached the back ranks of the polytheists. When the polytheists saw him, they had to run away and go back. When the Messenger of Allah saw this situation, he prayed, ‘O Allah! Show mercy to him'.

Wahb attacked the polytheists again. However, this time, the polytheists surrounded him. There was a hard struggle and clash. After a hard fight, Wahb was martyred. He attained the glad tiding of the Prophet.

I approached Wahb so as not to leave him alone. There was a very severe clash. Allah knows that I also wanted to be a martyr like him. However, it was not my fate at that time. I could not attain it."

There were 20 wounds made by spears on Wahb's body. The polytheists not only speared him but also cut off parts of his body to take revenge.

When the battle ended, the Messenger of Allah walked among the martyrs. When he saw the shattered body of Wahb, he could not help weeping and said, "I am pleased with you. May Allah be pleased with you, too!"

Hz. Umar, who saw what happened, spoke like Hz. Sa'd: "I wanted to be in Wahb's shoes and to be a martyr like him very much."

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