Thabit bin Dahdaha (r.a.)

A few years after the Migration, a disagreement occurred between an orphan and a Companion due to a date tree. They applied to the Prophet. After listening to both parties, the Messenger of Allah decreed in favor of the Companion. Thereupon, the orphan started to cry. The Prophet was moved by the child’s crying and asked the Companion to give the tree to the child. However, the Companion said he needed it and did not give it.

Thabit bin Dahdaha was there too. When he saw that the Messenger of Allah was sad, he said, “O Messenger of Allah! Is it appropriate if I buy that tree and give it to the child?” The Prophet (pbuh) said, “Its reward is a date tree in Paradise.” Thabit bought that tree from the Companion and gave it to the orphan. The Prophet became very pleased with it and prayed as follows: “O Lord! Give Thabit bin Dahda­ha a date tree full of dates in Paradise.”

After that day, Thabit had only one thought in his mind: To be a martyr in the way of Allah as soon as possible. He wanted it very much and prayed for it.

Finally, he found the occasion he wanted in the Battle of Uhud. When the Muslims were defeated and when the rumor about the death of the Messenger of Allah spread, he called out loudly:  

“O Ansar! Come to me! I am Thabit bin Dahdaha. If the Messenger of Allah is dead, Allah is immortal. Work for your religion. Allah will definitely help you.”

Some people who heard him came to him. They attacked all together. However, they could not resist very long against the crowded and ferocious polytheists. They were martyred by fighting.

May Allah be pleased with them![1]


[1]Usdul-Ghaba, 1: 222; Isaba, 1: 191.

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