Second Chapter : The mysteries of man's infinite ascent and infinite descent.

Second Chapter


[Since man has been created on the most excellent of patterns and has been given most comprehensive abilities, he has been cast into an arena of trial and examination in which he may rise or fall to stations, ranks, and degrees from the lowest of the low to the highest of the high, from the earth to the Divine Throne, and from minute particles to the sun. He has been sent to this world as a miracle of Divine Power, the result of creation, and a wonder of Divine art before whom have been opened two roads leading either to infinite ascent or infinite descent. We shall explain the mystery of this awesome progress and decline of man’s in five ‘Remarks’.]

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First Remark: The universal needs of man; His ability in terms of good and evil; The power that he gains by being a slave of Allah. An explanation of the following verse; "Allah will change their evil into good."

Second Remark: The aspects of man that look to the world and the hereafter; the respective duties of servitude of his feelings and abilities.

Third Remark: What does man gain and lose by using his feelings and abilities only for the life of the world? Transforming the pleasures of the world life into the duty of servitude.

Fourth Remark: The power that man gains with his weakness; the mystery in the fact that all living beings become a servant for man.

Fifth Remark: The two aspects of contemplation and the duties of servitude that take man to the highest rank of all created beings.

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