Ramadan, the month in which Paradise is decorated

The door of Paradise belonging to those who observe fasting

Sahl Ibn Sa’d reports from Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh):

"There is a door in Paradise called Rayyan. Only those who observe fasting can enter that door on doomsday, nobody else can enter with them.

Then, a voice is heard ‘Where are the ones who observed fasting in the world?’ They come and enter paradise from that door. When the last one of them enters, the door is closed; nobody else is permitted after that. Whoever enters Paradise from that door never gets thirsty again eternally"
(Bukhari, Sawm: 4, Bad ul Halk: 9; Muslim, Siyam: 166; Tirmidhi, Sawm: 55)

In another hadith (word of Prophet Muhammad) it is stated that every believer will be called to enter Paradise from different doors in accordance with their good deeds and worships:

According to what Abu Hurayra reported, the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) said:

"Whoever gives alms from his property as doubles (two cattle, two sheep, two coins) to gain Allah’s approval, he is called by the doors of Paradise ‘O (dear) servant of Allah (come here)! There is a big benefit and abundance at this door.’

A person who performs salah (prayers) a lot is called from the salah door (of Paradise).

Mujahids (people doing jihad- striving in the way of Allah) are called from the jihad door.

People observing fasting called from the ‘Rayyan’ door.

And almsgivers are invited from the alms door."

Abu Bakr asked:

"Let my father and mother be sacrificed for you O Messenger of Allah! Is it hard for a believer to be invited from all of those doors, can someone be invited from all of those doors?"

Hz. Muhammad (pbuh) replied, “Yes, someone can be invited from all of the doors. O Abu Bakr, I hope you be one of those happy ones too”. (Summary of Sahih al-Bukhari Tajrid al Sarih Translation, Hadith no: 895.)

Ibn Abbas reports from Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh):

"Surely Paradise is decorated the whole year for the Ramadan to come.

When the first night of the Ramadan comes, a wind called “Musira” blows from the bottom of the Skies.

Leaves of the trees of Paradise and the handles of Paradise doors shake strongly and therefore such a nice sound is heard that listeners have never heard a more beautiful sound than that.

Thus, the houris of Paradise appear standing on the highest point of Paradise and say:

“Anybody who wants to marry?” Allah marries him.

Then houris say:

“O the keeper of Paradise! What night is tonight?” The keeper replies with respect:

“Tonight is the first night of the month Ramadan. The doors of Paradise were opened for the ones from the ummah (community) of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) who observed fasting.” "

Then Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said:

Allah (swt/glorious and exalted) says:

“O Ridwan (Doorkeeper of paradise)! Open the doors of Paradise and O Malik (Doorkeeper of Hell)! Close the doors of Hell to the ones from the community of Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) who observed fasting!

O Gabriel! Descend to the earth, handcuff and chain the wild ones of the satans, then throw them into the sea, so that they cannot demolish the fasting of my beloved Muhammad’s (pbuh) community.”

Hz Muhammad (pbuh) then said:

Allah (swt) orders a caller (angel) to call like this three times at every night of the month of Ramadan:

“Anybody who wants something? I will give him what he wants.

Anybody who repents? I will accept his repentance.

Anybody who wants forgiveness? I will forgive him.

Who will lend money to the poor not to the rich and to the loyal not to the oppressor?”

Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) continued:

Every day of Ramadan during the iftar (evening meal for breaking the daily fast) time Allah (swt) saves one million people from Hell who deserves it. Also on the last day of Ramadan, Allah (swt) saves as many people as the sum of all He saved during Ramadan.

On Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power), Allah (swt) orders Gabriel. Gabriel descends to the earth with angels carrying a green flag with them. They put the flag onto the Kaaba. There are one hundred wings of the flag. Two of those wings do not open except that night.

Gabriel opens those two wings on that night, and those wings reach from the east to the west. On that night Gabriel urges the angels, and they salute and handshake with everybody who is standing, sitting, performing salah and doing dhikr (mentioning Allah). They say “ameen” for their prayers.

It goes on until the dawn. When it dawns Gabriel says:

“O group of angels! Prepare for the return”.

Angels say:

“O Gabriel, what did Allah (swt) do about the needs of believers who are from Hazrat Muhammad’s (pbuh) community?”

Gabriel replies:

“Allah (swt) looked with mercy and grace at them tonight and forgave them. However four groups are excluded.”

The narrator says:

When we asked “O Messenger of Allah! Who are they?” he said:

“He who keeps on drinking, he who rebels his parents, he who does not care about his relatives, and he who is mushahin.”

Then we asked “O Messenger of Allah! What is ‘mushahin’”, and he said:

“He who cuts amity relations between people and he who causes disorders and hostility”.

When Ramadan ends and bairam (celebration, holiday) night comes, it is called the night of reward. In the morning of the bairam Allah (swt) sends the angels to every town. They descend to the earth, hold the street corners and shout with a sound every creature can hear except the human beings and the genies:

“O community of Muhammad! Come to the presence of your Lord who bestows much and forgives your big sins”.

When they get to their places of worship Allah (swt) asks to the angels:

“What is the reward of the worker who has done his job?”

Angels say:

“O our exalted Lord! It is your giving his exact reward and payment”.

Upon that Allah (swt) said:

"O my angels! Be witness that, I gave them my approval and forgiveness as a gift for their fasting and salahs they performed during the Ramadan” and then ordered:

“O my slaves! Request from me. For the sake of my glory and superiority today I will surely give whatever you want for your afterworld from me. And I will consider your situation for the things you want for this world.

For the sake of my glory, as long as you pay observe my approval, I will cover your mistakes.

For the sake of my glory and superiority, I will not disgrace you in front of the holders of a right and managers.

You gained my approval, return with my approval and having been forgiven of your sins.”

Therefore, the angels get happy and tell the good news of the reward that Allah (swt) will give to that community when they make iftar at the end of Ramadan. (At-Targhib wa’t-Tarhib, 2:439).

Paradise Reward of Ramadan

As transmitted by Abu Said al-Khudri, Hazrat Muhammad (pbuh) said:

"When the first night of Ramadan comes, the doors of the skies are opened; none of them is closed until the last night of the Ramadan.

When a person performs salah on a Ramadan night, surely Allah writes one thousand and five hundred merits for its every sajdah (prostration act in the salah) and builds a villa made of red ruby for him in the heaven. There exist sixty thousand doors of that villa. There exists a golden villa decorated with red ruby on every door of it.

When he fasts on the first day of Ramadan, his past sins till that date are forgiven and every day seventy thousand angels pray for him from the morning salah to the evening salah.

For the every sajdah he does during the day or night in Ramadan, he is given such a big tree that in its shadow a horseman can travel for five hundred years.”
(At-Targhib wa’t-Tarhib, 2:429)

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