Even if it is rare, in some of the Alewi villages it is believed that fasting is only farz (religious duty which is required for all Muslims) for three days; when Angel Gabriel has brought the revelation related with the occasion, he couldnt have f

It can be stated expressly why the claim is fallacy in the light of these facts:
First of all, fasting is stated as a month not as days in the Holy Book Quran. It is not mentioned as 30 or 29 days. It is commanded as Shar-u Ramadan (month Ramadan) (Al-Baqara Surah, 2:185). Moreover, there is no such number in Quran; there is a letter, which specifies that. In other words, it is not possible to be mistaken even if a bug [can seem like the Arabic zero (numerical value of a dot is zero)> grounds next to three because it is not given any numerical value as three in Quran.

On the other hand, it cannot be thought that Gabriels (the messenger angel) not having found Our Prophet in Medina. Actually, he is the messenger of Allah who is One, All Seeing, All Hearing. He is an eminent angel, who can be present at thousands of stars while he conveys the commands of Allah to the other angels, and prostrates to his Rabb (Cherisher and Sustainer) at Arsh-i Azam (highest throne), brings revelations to Prophet at the same time. He would not have come to a certain place for revealing. He would have come directly alongside Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).

For example, even if it is thought as his not having been able to find our Prophet (pbuh) for once, Allah (swt) who is the One, All Knowing with His divine knowledge and power would warn His trusty Angel and would informed about Our Prophets location.

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