The Proofs of Creation # 1 : The Proof of Construction

The Proof of Construction

The Balance in Construction is a Proof of God’s Existence

Construction: The coming together of matter and elements to form a structure. When many elements and matter come together they form the existence and meet in one body. This can also be called a make-up/constitution. The structure’s balance is a huge proof of the existence of God Almighty.

Let us imagine that a pharmacy holds hundreds of jars filled with various substances. We were asked to make a paste and medicine by using the ingredients in the jar.

We arrive at the pharmacy and see that there are now hundreds of the same medicines and paste on the display shelf. We examine the paste and medicines and see that in each of those jars a particular amount of each substance was used, like one or two milligrams of this, four or five milligrams of that, or 6-7 milligrams from this, etc. If one milligram more or one milligram less of a substance is mixed, then the medicine could easily turn into a poison.

Is it in any way possible or probable that if the jars were to have been knocked over by a strange coincidence or a gusty wind and that only precise, though different, amounts of these substances that had been taken were to drip from the jars, split, and then come together to form this paste and medicine?

If the entire world unites, will they be able to convince us that the medicine and paste have formed by a coincidence?  If hundreds of samples of this medicine and paste are found, will they be able to induce us into believing that this is merely a result of coincidence? Is there any bigger fallacious superstition than this belief?

Similarly, every life-form can be likened to a “paste” and every plant can be likened to a “medicine” since they are formed from several diverse substances in precise amounts. For instance, let us look solely at a person. There are about sixty elements in our bodies. Our bodies contain specific amounts of iron, magnesium, chromium, and other such elements. A cause for disease develops when there is too much or too little of these elements in our bodies. For example, copper has a blood-producing characteristic. When there is too little of it, an outbreak of disease could occur.  Manganese operates the functions of the brain and a lack of it causes “behavioral deformities”. The duty of cadmium is to regulate blood pressure and to ensure it to operate smoothly, however, too much or too little of it can cause disturbances in blood pressure to appear. The accumulation of elements in any part of the body produces hormonal deficiencies.

Just like the human body has a balance that is immensely precise, the other life forms, which are plants and animals, also possess the same kind of balance in their forms. While we refer those who want to learn more about this balance to a science book, we also ask the following question:  While the simplest of medicines cannot form coincidentally, is it possible for the human body, or the body of another life form, which is balanced to such an extent, to develop by mere chance? Even if the entire world was to come together to convince us that an aspirin accidentally formed as a result of a glass jar filled with medicine having tipped over, we still would not be persuaded. Then how are we convinced that that the human form, which is millions of times more advanced and more sensitive, formed as a result of some coincidence? Can a person who believes in such a wrong thought be called clever? Let alone being called clever, can he be called a human being?Besides, our body is not like a drug that was constructed once and then put aside.The total weight of the cells that die in our intestines in a year is 90 kg. The total weight of dead skin cells is 45 kg too. 200 billion red blood cells die every day in our body and 10.000 red blood cells are created every second. Our body is a wonderful composition that is completely renewed every six months. Is it possible for that composition to form coincidentally? And when there are about seven billion people of that composition in the world today… How can one believe that they form coincidentally?

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