The Most Profitable and Real Trade : Selling Self and Wealth To Allah, The Almighty

There are a number of metaphoric descriptions of the world, all of which are nicer and more different than each other; and one of them is: “trade center”

This verse from the Qur’an informs us on this trade : “God has bought from the believers their selves and wealth because Paradise is for them.” (the Qur’an At-Taubah 9:111)

Here self represents all the blessings inside us and wealth the blessings outside. In other words, self means a “person” and it includes a wide range of physical and spiritual materials, from eyes and ears to the mind and heart. Those who can use all of them according to Allah’s approval will be rewarded with eternal happiness.

World is a trade center, that is to say that it is a place, a range for trade. Let us discuss this feature of our world :

When we say “trade”, earning or profit comes to our minds. And this profit is divided into two types : material and spiritual. Earning money is a material profit and winning a heart is a spiritual one. Increasing knowledge just as increasing the number of workplace is also a profit for a person; the former is material and the latter is spiritual.

Since the human spirit is superior to the body, spiritual earnings always lead or should be ahead of material earnings.

The food we take in become cells in our body; they serve us a while, and at the end, they leave our body. New ones come in place of them. However, the things we learn is not like that; which is to say that they become a part of our spirits, dwell in our minds and they keep on their presence even when we learn something new.

Thus, the true investment is the one which is done for the spirit. Because the spirit is immortal, the things that have become a part of our spirit are also immortal.

Knowledge is the nourishment for the mind. In the same way as a person can strengthen his metabolism, and he can keep on growing and developing by taking nourishment in, his mind can also keep on developing by increasing his knowledge.  He begins to understand what he did not understand yesterday. The difficult subjects he was not able to perceive yesterday become easy for him today, just like a child that could not move a stone when he was little and his ability to lift it up in the air easily when he grows up.

Betterments, developments and improvements also take place in human’s world of meaning.

The heart is the grandest and the most important place in the process of human’s improvement. The ultimate ascension and the ultimate falls and destructions take place there.

The heart is the spot for faith and faith has endless levels.

Our knowledge keeps us away from mistakes, similarly, our faith leads us in every period of our lives; it becomes a source of strength for us to overcome our troubles, solve our problems and carry on living without despair.

“Belief is both light and strength.” (The words). This strength has an eminent part in human’s improvement and spiritual pleasure.

Some strange conversation occurs among people:

One of them says “My grandfather had been a guest for three days in Sultan Aziz’s palace”

The other boasts saying, “My grandfather served in Hamidian legion.”

Being a guest in Sultan Aziz’s palace or a soldier for Sultan Hamid can bring honor to their descendants. However, every person is the guest of the Owner of this great universe and His caliph on earth. And again, every person is Allah’s slave, His most superior creature and His most excellent masterpiece.

In the process of human’s improvement, praying comes right after belief. Praying is not only a duty for God but also a great honor for mankind.

Man can have himself directed to Allah. And this is one of the ultimate level and most profitable earning.

Those who have believed (and become established in belief), and whose hearts find rest and contentment in remembrance of, and whole-hearted devotion to, God. (the Qur’an, Ar-Ra’d 13:28)

Because the furthest level of remembrance of Allah can be done with praying, we can understand this verse as “hearts can only find rest by praying”. 

Dissolute and wicked people are trying to satisfy their hearts not with belief and praying but with entertainment, delight and worldly pleasure. However, not every people have the chance to taste worldly pleasures. And everybody grows old, gets sick and dies. These pleasures which preoccupy them in their youth are not any use in case of sickness or in the period when they grow old. Yet, the heart requires some consolation, comfort and confidence more than ever in this period. So, having fun or delight is not a permanent solution but a distraction, closing eyes to truth and fooling oneself.

True happiness is only reachable through belief and prayer. 

Reasons to give the spirit joy, to exalt it and to make it go on are numerous. Let me present you some and we can add more to these: 

  • Joy of being the most excellent masterpiece of God

  • Joy of being granted all the creatures to be subjected to him

  • Joy of knowing that illnesses help spirit progress morally by being atonement for sins

  • Joy of knowing death is not nothingness but emigrating to a better place than this world

  • Joy of knowing spirit is immortal and keeps on living in the grave and hereafter


All these spiritual joys and delights are incomparably more precious and greater than any blessing in the world. 

All these are the pleasures of the heart and spirit and conscience which are far beyond bodily pleasures. 

Nevertheless, the bodily pleasures that a praying person receives from things become sublime and change form. For instance, while the food partaken by a believer becomes part of his body, his contemplation about it strengthens his spirit.

Man cannot feed on soil or get rid of his hunger by only drinking water, or sitting under the sun cannot help him to fill his stomach. Nor does breathing. However, Allah, The Almighty, makes use of material such as water, soil and sunlight through a “tree” factory and He lets fruit be produced by means of it and He offers us the fruit.

This tree, which presents us its fruit, did not exist a certain time ago. It is also a kind of fruit out of the earth factory. If we generalize this observation of ours, we can see that all the trees, animals and eventually the humans are the production of this universe factory and the fruits of universe tree.

Our world, a fire ball broken off the sun, was tamed and it was filled with earth and water. Yesterday’s earth and water became the human and the fruit today. And the human eats that fruit. By this contemplation, we consider universe is a palace and we ourselves are Allah’s most honorable guests in this palace. This kind of point of view is a great source of happiness for the spirit.

I should remind you of an important point in conclusion: The spirit gets tired as the body does. There are also situations which might upset or exhaust the spirit or which may put it into despair and blind its vision of world. A praying person remembers that the universe of beings has been tamed by Allah, the Almighty, and knows all of them are His art, His creatures and His property. Once the spiritual power takes over in the spirit by giving self in to the owner of this whole wealth in the universe and “worshipping Him only and seeking help only from Him” (the Qur’an, Al-Fatiha 1:5), then, the person becomes able to cope with what he could not yesterday.

He deems all this occurring as questions of the worldly test. Just as a flower utilizes night and day separately, he gets different experiences from pleasures and troubles of the world.

While those developments which he enjoys triggers his spirit to thank for them, those which he cannot afford lead him to give in, to ascribe and accept Allah is the Almighty and All- Exalted over all the things.

He considers how Allah carries all these infinite works out easily with His infinite power. 

After fulfilling the tasks that are necessary for achievement, he puts himself in the hands of Allah.

And it is a great source of comfort and joy for the spirit.

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