What are the benefits of believing in angels for man’s life?

Belief in angels has positive effects on human psychology. We can list some of them as follows:

1. If a person has a valuable word or work or a talent, he tries to make it eternal in order to prevent it from being forgotten and for its appreciation by writing poems, a book or producing something in other branches of art. That feeling is present in the nature of man. 

It is an apparent reality that if a person with such characteristics knows that all of the things and deeds he does and all of his words and tendencies are written by “Kiraman Katibin” and that they record them in order to show them to him and others in the eternal realm, he will be very joyful and peaceful, his spirit will be freshened and his heart will be relieved.

2. The most important possession of man is his spirit. It is definitely the greatest torture and the most terrible pain for man that his spirit, his most valuable possession, will be destroyed and will go to non-existence when he dies. 

Man can be relieved from that great pain and terrible anxiety by belief in angels because belief informs him that when he dies, his most valuable possession is entrusted to Azrael (pbuh), an appointed official, and that it never disappears.

3. Only the company of Munkar – Nakir can save man from the loneliness, darkness, cold, imprisonment and hopelessness of the grave that everybody without exception will enter. He talks to them. Thus, his heart and grave expand, get warm, become illuminated and windows open to the realm of spirits.

4. Man is sometimes left alone; he stays away from his beloved people and friends. He may be alone materially or spiritually. If a person cannot find anyone to share his belief and ideas and if he lives in a place where everybody opposes him and is hostile to him, he is regarded to be lonely. That person feels as if the world will collapse down on him amongst all those troubles and loneliness. The consciousness of belief in angels helps him in that situation. It illuminates the universe and the crowded world of that person, enlivens him and it fills his world with angels and spiritual beings. It makes his world joyful. It saves him from loneliness, wildness, destitution, violence and the agony of not being accompanied. It consoles him by saying, “Do not worry if nobody listens to and accepts your positive ideas and beliefs in the society! Angels and spiritual beings will listen to you. They will make you earn the fruit of thawab.”

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