Twentieth Letter: It proves the decree “There is no god but Allah” by stating the good news and curative consolation about the levels of belief in Allah and oneness; it consists of two stations and an introduction.

The Twentieth Letter

In His Name, be He glorified!

And there is nothing but it glorifies Him with praise.

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

There is no god but Allah, He is One, He has no partner; His is the dominion and His is the praise; He alone grants life, and deals death, and He is living and dies not; all good is in His hand, He is powerful over all things, and with Him all things have their end.1

[This sentence expressing Divine Unity, which is recited following the morning and evening prayers, possesses numerous merits and according to an authentic narration, bears the degree of the Greatest Name. It contains eleven phrases, in each of which are both some good tidings, and a degree in the affirmation of the Unity of Allah’s dominicality, and an aspect of the grandeur and perfection of Divine Unity from the point of view of a Greatest Name. Referring a full explanation of these great and elevated truths to other parts of the Risale-i Nur, in fulfilment of a promise we shall for now write a brief, index-like summary of them in two Stations and an Introduction.]


Be certain of this, that the highest aim of creation and its most important result are belief in Allah. The most exalted rank in humanity and its highest degree are the knowledge of Allah contained within belief in Allah. The most radiant happiness and sweetest bounty for jinn and human beings are the love of Allah contained within the knowledge of Allah. And the purest joy for the human spirit and the sheerest delight for man’s heart are the rapture of the spirit contained within the love of Allah. Indeed, all true happiness, pure joy, sweet bounties, and untroubled pleasure lie in knowledge of Allah and love of Allah; they cannot exist without them.

One who knows and loves Allah Almighty is potentially able to receive endless bounties, happiness, lights, and mysteries. While one who does not truly know and love him is afflicted spiritually and materially by endless misery, pain, and fears. Even if such an impotent and miserable person owned the whole world, it would be worth nothing for him, for it would seem to him that he was living a fruitless life among the vagrant human race in a wretched world without owner or protector. Everyone may understand just how wretched and bewildered is man among the vagrant human race in this bewildering fleeting world if he does not know his Owner, if he does not discover his Master. But if he does discover and know Him, he will seek refuge in His mercy and will rely on His power. The desolate world will turn into a place of recreation and pleasure, it will become a place of trade for the hereafter.

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