Is it religiously objectionable to use things like tincture of iodine, eau de cologne, and (raw) spirit?

According to those scholars who regard alcoholic drinks other than wine as clean, alcoholic matter like eau de cologne, (raw) spirit, and tincture of iodine are clean, too. It is permissible to use them, that is, to spread them on your body or clothes, to pour them on you, to have them in small bottles on you are permissible. They do not invalidate the prayer. 

According to the two decisions made by the Consultation Board of the Presidency of Religious Affairs in1943 and in1948, although it is haram to drink things like (raw) spirit and eau de cologne, it is not haram to use them. They do not make the place where they are poured dirty.

Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır states the following on page 762 of the first volume of his interpretation:

“Raw spirit, beer and similar alcoholic drinks that are not produced from wine cannot be drunk, but, it cannot be claimed that they will invalidate the prayer when they are spread on the body or the clothes. Thus, Abu Hanifa believes that the matter and drops of alcoholic drinks other than wine are not najis.”

According to those who regard alcoholic drinks other than wine as najis (dirty), eau de cologne and (raw) spirit are najis, too. Therefore, the places that are wetted by eau de cologne and (raw) spirit are regarded najis. If a place as large as the palm of a hand is wetted by them, one cannot perform a prayer unless those parts are washed. It is not enough for a place wetted by eau de cologne to be clean when the eau de cologne is volatilized by the wind or heat. That part must be washed, just like the place wetted by urine. Even if the place wetted by urine dries, that place is not regarded clean unless it is washed.  

It is the best way to avoid things like eau de cologne, which are disputable in terms of cleanliness. However, when it is difficult to avoid them, it will be appropriate to think that there are some scholars who say to use spirit and eau de cologne is not haram but permissible and to act accordingly.

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