HOW IS WUDU (ABLUTION) PERFORMED? (shown with pictures)

Firstly, Aûdhu Başmala "I take refuge with Allah from Satan, the outcast, In the name of Allah , the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful" is recited with the intention for ablution, then the hands are washed up to wrist. Between of the fingers are washed properly during the washing.

The water is taken with the right hand palm, the mouth is washed properly and it is thrown out three times. Again the water is taken with the right hand palm and it is thrown into the nostrils three times. Then it is blown using the left hand.

Then the face is washed from the forehead to the bottom of the chin with both hands.

Then the right arm is washed including the elbow. The left one is also washed including the elbow three times.

The upper part of the head is rubbed, that quarter of the head is rubbed with the wetted right hand.

The inner sides of the ears with the fore fingers, and back sides with the thumbs are rubbed using the both wetted hands.

Then the neck is nibbed with the back side of the wet fingers.

Lastly, beginning from the toes, first the right foot, then the left one is washed including the ankles three times. The toes of the both feet are washed properly.

Wiping over Clean, Indoor Boots (Khuffayn)

While performing wudu, one can wipe over (the top of) their clean, indoor boots once with wet hands instead of washing the feet.

Boots should be waterproof and cover the whole foot up to (and including) the ankles. They must have no holes wider than three fingers in width. It does not matter if their mouths are so wide that the feet can be seen when looking down at them.

They must be fit, strong, and tough enough so that the feet would not come out of them, and they should not fall down when walked in for 3 miles.

They cannot be made out of wood, glass, or metal.

One must put on the boots after washing ones feet while performing ablution. One can wear it for a whole day if one is resident. If traveling, one can wear it for 3 consecutive days.
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