How was the ark of Prophet Noahs?

Prophets, with their works of miracles have both manifested their invitation (propagation) and led guidance for material development.

Noahs (as) ark was a miracle of that Might too. As it known, Allah (swt) made Noah (as) responsible for inviting his idolatrous community to the faith, but after they had not accept His Message, He commanded him to build an ark. It was hard to build an ark because it was going to be the first one ever built. However, Allah (swt) relieved (instructed) him how to do it and sent Angel Gabriel as an aid.

He managed to build it with the help of Angel Gabriel and some believers in 2-4 years.

There are several accounts on the size of the ark. But the truth is that it was as big as to fit eighty believers, their needs, and pair of all existing animals in the region in it.

However, the most important issue about the ark is that that it was not an ordinary sailboat it was a steamboat. Commentator of Quran of our century, Elmalili Hamdi Yazir, in the Turkish interpretation of the Verse,nihayet emrimiz geldigi ve tennur feveran ettigi vakit, (And so went on) until the time when Our command came and the boiler started boiling over adduces that the words tennur (boil) and feveran [started (boiling over)> refer a steamboat.

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