How should we comprehend the verse meaning Verily Allah has purchased from the believers their souls and their property that Paradise might be theirs.?

When it is said soul, we comprehend the person himself, and when it is said property, we comprehend the trusts given to his use. In other words, soul represents the internal bounties; property represents the external bounties granted to man. Both of them are the tools of testing that cause man to ascend to the highest of the high or to descend to the lowest of the low.
Lets discuss about the soul considering that the verse mentions it first. Human intelligence is capable of being used for everything, from physics and chemistry, trading and agriculture to gambling and robbery. Some of them exalt man and others lower him.
Human heart is an ocean. It is open to belief and unbelief, justice and tyranny, humility and conceit, obedience and rebellion, love and hate, forgiveness and revenge and so many similar positive and negative meanings. It has the greatest portion in ascending man to the highest of the high or rolling him down to the lowest of the low. Faculties and emotions attached to the heart are more than the organs of the body. They raise man to high ranks or reduce him to pits.
Lets begin from love. By this sense, man either loves his Lord and Protector or his soul and his self-interest. The first status is ascent and the second one is decline.
Another one is the emotion of anxiety. Man either occupies himself with physical and worldly problems and makes his spirit wretched by them or the anxiety that this journey through the world may end in Hell, motivates him to continuous work, effort and prayer. The first one is the lowest of the low and second one is the highest of the high.
Our five senses should be evaluated in the same way. Man can perform good deeds and also can perform sins and disobedience with those senses. The former prepare man for the highest ranks, and the latter to profound torments.
In the Nur Collection, while explaining the meaning of this verse, a parable is utilized and in one point of the parable, this message is given: The machinery and the tools in the workshop will be used in my name and at my workbench. The price and the fee for their use shall be increased a thousandfold. (Words)
Then, selling our soul and property to Allah means using them to reach the pleasure of Allah. Then, we will gain a value as their value increase. And the return of this sale is Heaven.
When earth and water enter in the tree, a factory of Allah, they come out as bananas and they gain a great value. In the same way, we put the grass in a living factory called a cow, and we obtain meat and milk. Sugar beet comes out of the factory as sugar and pollens of the flowers become honey in the beehive.
If man takes lessons from the scenes of the examples surrounding him and puts his soul and property under the workbench of his Lords orders, he will reach the superior ranks called highest of the high and he will gain the honour of being a person of the people of Heaven

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