How can we get rid of the illness of attention of people (expecting congratulations, appreciation and applause from people)?

Attention of people is an illness of deviating from the purpose of the coming of man to this world, hoping for help from a person who is also weak like him by giving oneself over to Allahs servants love, applause and appreciation. Attention of people is an inviter of hypocrisy and the biggest obstacle on the way going to the consent of Allah.

Hypocrisy (Riya in Arabic) is derived from seeing (ruyah): Wanting people to see his good deeds he has done, showing off, and performing some kinds of factitious actions so that other people will like him.

Let us think about people who will emerge one century later. Those guests of the world, who are in the darkness of nonexistence now and who we do not know who they are, will attain the bounty of life as a Divine beneficence and enter the globe when their time determined by divine determining comes. They will be trained for nine months in wombs, the first stop of their journey and they will be equipped with the things they are in need of in order to benefit from countless bounties and graces of that universe in the most favorable way. Just then, they will enter the world in their mothers arms and they will drink the pleasant milk from those compassionate breasts plentifully. 

Then, they will grow up and become young. They will have jobs and will enter the social life. And most of them will be carried away by the community and will forget themselves; they will not even remember that they are servants, guests, travelers. Moreover, they will set their hearts on other peoples loves who have also been raised in other wombs and who are also impotent and as transitory as themselves. They will become slaves of the community; they will give more importance to their condemnation than sins, they will prefer their appreciation to consent (of Allah). They will not consider the stages of the journey after the grave. They will not even remember the grave world where everyone is busy with his own trouble individually, the field of the resurrection where nobody can be interested in other ones and the Day of Judgment that nobody can intercede for anybody without Allahs permission.
Thus, prophets, scholars and wise people come across those people, who forget themselves and go towards the land of torment of the eternity world as if running, and they tell them that they are on the wrong way and try to direct them to the right way.      

The One, in whose hand is the dominion of birth, has brought us into that world and He will send us to the hereafter with the law of death. What benefit can being amused with the travelers and getting their appreciations give us in that short worldly life?

We will leave this world one by one and those whom we leave behind will forget us after a short time. If we can look at the history from that point of view, how many exemplary scenes we will see! Where are the ones who had been appreciated one century ago and the ones who had appreciated them? Where are those rulers and the poets who had written eulogies for them and had made compliments to them? Where are those rich people and the poor who had depended on them for a living?

After a century, we will pass away and the next generation will ask their contemporaries the same questions. Then, the world will also taste death as every soul will. After that, comes the field of resurrection and judgment. It is necessary to take refuge in the Ones court and try to get His consent from whom help will be expected in that fearful field where no one can pay attention even to his beloved one.

 However, it is licit and favorable being loved on behalf of Allah as well as loving on behalf of Allah. We wish Allahs believing servants to love us and His genuine slaves to help us. That desire has no concern with attention of people.   



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