Did the Prophet see the jinn?

In some hadiths and in the Quran, it is mentioned that the Prophet saw the jinn and recited the Quran to them and had a dialogue with them (1)
Abu Hurayra narrates: The Prophet (pbuh) said: I saw a demon from the jinn at the night of Miraj (ascension). He was following me with a torch of fire in his hand. I saw him at my every glance. Gabriel (pbuh) said: I can teach you a prayer if you like; when you read it, his torch will fade away and he will fall down onto his mouth. The Prophet (pbuh) said okay. Gabriel (pbuh) said read this: I take refuge in Allah from wickedness descending from the sky and ascending to sky, the wickedness created on the earth and the wickedness coming out of the earth, from disorders of the day and night from troubles that arisen during the day and night for the sake of Allah and his perfect words. O Merciful! Except the things that bring goodness.(2)

In the Holy Koran, it is reported that a group of jinn came to the Prophet, listened to the Quran,believed in him,went back to their community and advised them to believe in God. (3)

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