Miracles concerning Angels and Jinn

As regards angels appearing and serving God’s Messenger (PBUH), and jinn believing in him and obeying him, these facts at foremost arrived from the Qur’an (1) along with many other sources which are also mutawatir.  At the Battle of Badr, according to the Qur’an, (2) five thousand angels served him as soldiers in the front line, like the Companions. Indeed, those angels gained honor among the angels, like the men who fought in that battle. (3)

Here we are going to narrate miracles concerning angels that are seen by His ummah and talking with them as a miracle via of his honor.

The Visits of Hz. Gabriel

Thus, the leading scholars of Hadith, and foremost Bukhari and Muslim, unanimously relate: “One time, an angel, that is, Gabriel, appeared in the form of a man dressed in white. He approached God’s Messenger (PBUH), who was sitting among his Companions, and asked: ‘What is Islam, what is belief, and what is goodness? Explain them.’ The Messenger explained them, and the Companions gathered there both received valuable instruction, and saw the person clearly. Although he seemed like a traveller, he displayed no sign of a journey. He suddenly rose and disappeared. God’s Messenger then said: ‘Gabriel did that in order to teach you!’ (4)

Also, the authorities on Hadith relate through certain and authentic narrations of the degree of ‘consensus in meaning’: The Companions saw Gabriel with God’s Messenger (PBUH) many times in the form of Dihya, who was very handsome. For instance, ‘Umar, Ibn ‘Abbas, Usama b. Zayd, Harith, ‘A’isha as-Siddiqa, and Umm Salama established and related certainly: “We frequently saw Gabriel with the God’s Messenger in the form of Dihya.” (5) Is it at all possible that such people would say that they had seen him if they had not? 

Guardian Angles

Also, the conqueror of Persia, Sa‘d b. Abi Waqqas, who was one of the ten promised Paradise, relates in an authentic narration: “At the Battle of Uhud we saw two white-dressed persons either side of God’s Messenger (Upon whom be blessings and peace), guarding him like sentries. We understood that they were the angels, Gabriel and Michael.” (6) Is it possible that if such a hero of Islam says he saw them, he had not seen them?

Fighting Angels

Also, Abu Sufyan b. Harith b. ‘Abd al-Muttalib, the Prophet’s cousin, relates in an authentic narration: “At the Battle of Badr, we saw horsemen dressed in white between the sky and the earth.” (7)

Hazrat Hamza (RA) encounters with Hazrat Gabriel (ASM)

Also, Hamza pleaded with the Noble Prophet (PBUH) to see Gabriel. So he showed him to Hamza in the Kaa‘ba, but he could not endure it and fell to the ground unconscious. (8)

There were numerous occurrences like these of angels being seen. They all demonstrated one sort of the Miracles of Muhammad (PBUH), and show that the angels too were like moths drawn to the lamp of his prophethood. 

Miracles concerning the Jinn

There are many incidents about the meeting of Jinn with our prophet Muhammad (PBUH). We are going to narrate some of them from the authentic sources.

Ibn Mas‘ud related: “I saw the jinn on the night they accepted Islam at Batn an-Nakhl. I likened them to the Zut, a tall-statured Sudanese tribe; they resembled them.” (9)

There is also the incident concerning Khalid b. al-Walid, which is famous and has been authenticated and accepted by the leading scholars of Hadith: when the idol called ‘Uzza was destroyed, a jinni came out of it in the form of a black woman. Khalid cut it into two with his sword. The Noble Messenger (PBUH) said in connection with this: “They used to worship it inside the idol ‘Uzza; it can no longer be worshipped.” (10)

Also, is a narration from ‘Umar: he said: “While we were with God’s Messenger, a jinni called "Hama" came in the form of an old man carrying a staff; he accepted Islam. The Noble Messenger (PBUH) instructed him in some of the short Suras of the Qur’an, which he listened to and then departed.” (11)

As we complete the part concerning the miracles of angles and the Jinn, we want to utter the truth that the members of the community of Muhammad (PBUH) were in contact with angels (12) and jinn, and speaking with them, which originated from the miraculous guidance and instruction of the Noble Messenger (PBUH).


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