Al-Khabir (The All-Aware)

Al-Khabir means the one that knows the inside and secret aspects of everything. Allah Almighty is al-Khabir in this sense.

He knows so much that no state of us can be concealed from Him. He knows the inside of everything; He knows about the most secret things about us. He knows not only our states but also what comes to our hearts and minds, what our souls want and intend to do and the most secret states of us…

He is such khabir that even an ant on a rock at night cannot be concealed from Him. A microbe that is impossible to see through the eyes cannot be concealed from Him. A leaf does not fall without His knowledge. An atom cannot move by hiding from Him.

This name resembles the name al-Alim (the Knower of All). However, there is a difference between them. When His knowledge is attributed to secret and esoteric things, that knowledge is called khibr and the owner of that knowledge is called khabir. Thus, Allah Almighty is alim since He knows everything; He is khabir since He knows the inside of everything.

In Jawshan al-Kabir (the Great Shield), this name is referred to as follows in the following couplets in a very nice way:

O He who knows the secrets and what is concealed! O He who hears all prayers! O He who sees everything but who is not seen! O he whose knowledge reaches everything! O he whose sight penetrates into everything! O He, who knows all of the secret things in the conscience of those who keep silent! O He who sees the state of those who repent their rebellion and sins!  O He who changes the hearts as He wishes and who is closer to a person than his heart!...

Hz. Luqman teaches his son the manifestations of this name as follows:

"'O my son!' (said Luqman) 'If there be (but) the weight of a mustard-seed and it were (hidden) in a rock, or (anywhere) in the heavens or on earth, Allah will bring it forth: for Allah understands the finer mysteries, (and) is well-acquainted (with them)'…" (Luqman 16)

O my soul! O man! Do you not see that your Lord, who is true to His name al-Khabir, knows you, sees everything about you and is aware of all of your states? He knows what is in your heart, the desires of your heart and the intentions of your deeds. Come to your senses and know your Lord. Know your Lord and show Him that you know Him by worshipping Him. 

O my soul! Know that your Lord, who knows the most secret things about you, will tell you all about He knows you one day. He will list all of your mistakes. He will make your eyes, hands and other organs witness against you. What will you be like then? Come to your senses and repent before that day comes. Know in your heart that your Lord knows all about you with His name al-Khabir. Feel ashamed in the presence of your Lord and avoid committing sins in His presence. When you intend to commit a sin, think of the name al-Khabir and say to yourself, "How will I not feel ashamed in the presence of my Lord while I feel ashamed in the presence of even a child? He sees and knows me. He is definitely aware of my state. How can I disobey Him while He knows and sees me? How can I rebel against Him and commit a sin in His presence?' 

O Lord! Remind us all the time that we are under the observation of the name al-Khabir and protect us from rebelling against you, committing sins and from shamelessness. Amin!

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