5- Satan making you think that his own words are the words of your heart

Satan making you think that his own words are the words of your heart.

Satan making you think that his own ugly words are the words of your heart.

Satan first throws doubt into the heart. If the heart does not accept the doubt, he starts to curse. He describes ugly memories like cursing and situations that are contrary to decency to the imagination. It makes the heart say, "Alas!" and drives that person to despair.

The man with delusion thinks his heart is behaving rudely toward Allah. He feels terrible excitement and distress due to this situation and he wants not to think about Allah, to escape from His presence and to fall into heedlessness. We hear the following sentences and similar ones from the people who are defeated by this delusion of Satan: “My heart curses Allah and other truths of belief; I try to prevent it form cursing but I cannot silence it. The more I try to silence my heart, the louder it shouts.”

The salve to this wound and delusion is as follows:

The way of getting rid of this delusion

We need to know that the ugly words we think to be coming from our heart do not belong to our heart. The evidence for it is the fact that our heart feels sorry about those words. If those ugly words belonged to our heart, it would never feel sorry and shiver. For, a person does not feel sorry about the words he utters through his own will.

Some other evidence that those words do not belong to our hearts is the fact that we cannot silence them though we want to. If they belonged to us, we would silence them when we wanted. For, a person who speaks can stop whenever he wants. Then, who do those words belong to?  

They come from Satan and they belong to lummah ash-shaytaniyya.

Lummah ash-shaytaniyya is the point and headquarters of Satan in the heart. There are two points in the heart. One of them belongs to the angel; the inspiration for good deeds comes to man from that point. The other point belongs to Satan; delusions, curses and encouragement to sins come from that point. Satan speaks from that point. That point is very close to the heart; those who do not know the existence of lummah ash-shaytaniyya attribute those words to their hearts and think that the words actually belonging to Satan belong to their hearts.

The aim of Satan related to this delusion is to make the person feel sad and drive him to despair by making him think that those words are harmful. The harm of delusion is thinking that one is harmed. For, in that case, he attributes the work of Satan to his heart and thinks that the words come from his heart and he is harmed. This is exactly what Satan wants. For, when a person falls into despair, he will hesitate and suffer troubles; consequently, he will not worship and meditate properly. Let alone worshipping and meditating properly, he will escape from the presence of Allah and he will try to relax by not thinking of Allah.    

We have learnt the following so far:

1- The curses and ugly words that man thinks to be coming from his heart do not belong to the heart. 

2- They are the words coming from lummah ash-shaytaniyya and belonging to Satan. They are his whispers and delusions.

3- The evidence that these words belong to Satan not to the heart is the fact the heart feels sorry about those words and cannot stop them though he wants to. For,if those ugly words belonged to his heart, he would not feel sorry about it and would be able to stop it.  

4- The aim of Satan related to this delusion is to make the person move away from Allah by making him suffocated in panic, trouble and despair.

5- The harm regarding this delusion is that the person thinks that he is harmed and that his heart is spoiled.  If a person feels this harm, it means Satan has deceived him.

So, the only thing to do so as not to be defeated by Satan regarding this delusion is to know that those words belong to Satan, to ignore those words and not to try to get rid of them.

· We must not attribute the words of Satan to our heart.

· We must never think that our heart is spoilt.

· We must never attribute those words to ourselves.

· When you do those mentioned above, you will start not to hear the words of Satan.

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