Is it possible for Satan to know our thoughts?

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- It is stated that Satan sees us and moves in our blood vessels and body.

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Satan watches man and tries to lead him to bad deeds. Satan has no power of sanction on man. Satan can know man’s thoughts but it is not always possible. He can know them within the boundaries imposed by Allah. Therefore, it is not possible for Satan to know everything that man has in his heart and mind.

The following is stated in a hadith: Satan circulates in the human being as blood circulates in the body. (Bukhari, Itikaf 11-12) In that case, it is possible for Satan to know some of our thoughts, which are not very secret – which are not regarded as unknown. As a matter of fact, Badiuzzaman Said Nursi, shows the mechanism of soul as the inner agent of Satan describes powers of anger and animal appetites as “both receivers and transmitters of Satan's whisperings”. (see Lem'alar, On Üçüncü Lem'a, Beşinci İşaret).

Satan’s suggesting different things to different man and capturing man through his weaknesses shows that he knows the inner world of man very well.

Besides, Satan has a small place called “lummah ash-shaytaniyya (satanic center)” near the heart. He sends wrong thoughts to the hearts of people from there. This shows that he is closely related to man’s inner world. Furthermore, there is important information in resources that he will confuse man at the time of death. However, there are certain faculties and deep mechanisms in man that Satan cannot reach. The secrets and mysteries of man are among them.

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