Would the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh) stand up when Hz. Fatima entered his room?

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- We know that the Prophet (pbuh) loved his daughter Hz. Fatima very much. I came across some information on the Internet and in some talks that when Hz. Fatima entered his room, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) would stand up out of respect.
- What is the source of that hadith? Is it sound? How should we understand it?

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The narration in question is as follows:

"The Prophet (pbuh) would be happy when he saw Fatima; he would greet her standing up, kiss her on the head by holding her hand, compliment her and make her sit in his own place. When her father came to her house, Fatima would welcome him in the same way." (Abu Dawud, Adab, 143, 144; Tirmidhi, Manaqib, 60)

The hadith narration above is accepted as sound.

The courtesy shown by the Prophet (pbuh) toward his daughter can be a lesson for other people.

The Prophet (pbuh) as a father and Hz. Fatima as a daughter may have actually shown how the relationship between a father and his child should be.

Knowing that Hz. Fatima is the mother of Ahl al-Bayt, the Prophet (pbuh) may have treated her like that because she was the recipient of divine grace.

He may have taught everybody a lesson by pointing out the need for mutual respect and love for peace and harmony in the family.

The standing up mentioned here is the standing up for welcoming. (Mubarakfuri, Tuhfa, 10/373)

Therefore, the hadith above indicates that it is permissible to stand up to welcome a person.

As a matter of fact, Ashraf Ali at-Tahanawi, an Indian scholar, states the following: "It is not makruh to stand up to welcome a person. What is makruh is to stand up as the Persians stand up for their kings." (Ilaus-Sunan, 17/429)

According to the explanation of Aliyyul-Qari, The Prophet kissed his daughter Fatima’s forehead and head, and Hz. Fatima kissed the blessed hands of her father.

According to what is explained in a marfu hadith narrated from Ibn Abbas, "If a person kisses his/her mother between her eyes, that kiss will be a barrier against the fire of Hell for him/her on the Day of Judgment." Thus, the Prophet (pbuh) kissed Hz. Fatima between her two eyes as if she was her mother. (Aliyyul-Qari, Miftahul-Mafatih, 4/579)

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