Will you give information about the law of perfection that is valid in the universe? Is there any evidence that man is directed toward an eternal realm?

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Another Feature in the Universe is That it Has the Inclination to Develop

Perfection, that is, to go to perfection, to achieve maturity is in question in the whole universe. In other words, the law of gradual perfection prevails in the universe. All beings are gradually perfected in themselves through a divine law wisely.

Man has a tendency to evolve, to go to perfection, to achieve maturity.  His emotions, thoughts and feelings also go to perfection. Man also has an inclination toward happiness, that is, pleasure and the pursuit of entertainment.

The factor that makes the reward-punishment system work in the brain is not the expected rewards or salary but surprises. Unexpected rewards make the reward-punishment system in the brain work more. As a requirement of wisdom, there is a system that works in the form of turning toward rewards and avoiding punishment in the brain.

There is nothing wasted in the universe. Many inclinations in man such as inclination to bliss, perfection and eternity indicate the existence of an eternal life.

 Man has the characteristic of choosing and preferring the shortest way, the closest aspect, the lightest form and the most beautiful quality. Efficiency and perfection, lack of vanity and waste are a feature seen in the universe. If there is no hereafter, all this created perfection and works of art will be wasted when the universe comes to an end.

If the Creator gives man an inclination toward perfection and happiness and destroys him after sixty years, it means either the power of the Creator is limited or it has a different meaning. However, all attributes of the Creator are infinite like His will, power and knowledge. Since the Creator declares that He will send man from this limited world life to an eternal realm, it is necessary to listen to that glad tiding and act accordingly. In fact, the feelings like the desire for eternal love and affection, the desire to have eternal property in man also indicate eternal life.

For example, if a person who builds a skyscraper does not make plans for the long life of the building, it is contrary to the investment; it shows that he has no power. If he had power, he would want the skyscraper to survive until Doomsday. If he builds a skyscraper that can endure for fifty years for a life of only ten years, it means he is wasting and he is not intelligent. If the Creator does such a perfect thing and if He is able to do it to live infinitely, He will do so. Since He is able, the Hereafter exists.

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