Will you give information about being covered in the bathroom, having a bath naked and manners of having a bath?

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Is it permissible to have a bath without covering the private parts? Does it have to do anything with the size of the bathroom?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is permissible to have a bath naked in a closed place and alone; it is not haram. However, it is better to cover the private parts in terms of good manners. Ghusl made while one is naked is valid.


It is better to act in accordance with manners of having a bath but it is not a sin if one does not act accordingly.

1. We should clean our teeth with miswak (Islamic toothbrush) before we bathe.

2. We should take a bath with nice thoughts like going into the presence of Allah with a clean body.

3. We should enter the bathroom with our left foot.

4. When entering we should say “In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful, I seek refuge in Allah from the evil of out cast Satan and all kinds of excrement.”

5. We should close the door so that nobody sees inside the bathroom.

6. When bathing in a public bath, we should cover our private parts and wear a loincloth.

7. We should firstly wash our right and left shoulders.

8. We should not waste the water.

9. When we feel hot water on our skins, we should think of Hell and compare the hellfire with this hotness of water.

10. We should not talk while bathing; we should not sing songs including Allah’s names or holy things and should not read verses from the Quran.

11. We should not enter the bathroom towards the evening and between the evening prayer and night prayer.

12. One should not pour water on himself while standing in the bathroom. If the water that falls on the floor does not splash on a person's body, it is permissible to have a bath by sitting.  

13. Urinating or defecating in the place of bathing must be avoided. The Prophet warns us about it,

“One of you should not urinate in the place where he bathes and should not make wudu  (ablution) in that place. Most of delusions –waswasa- come from this.” (Tirmidhi, Tahara 17; Nasai, Tahara 6)

14. Those who have a bath should wash and clean the bathroom. There should not be any unpleasant sights in the bathroom. They should clean all the dirt of soap, hair, and dirty water on the floor. The dirty clothes should not be hung and should not be left as dirty.

15. Everybody should have their own loincloths and use that.

16. If they have long hair and mustache, they should trim and shorten them before bathing.

17. It is mustahab (recommended) to pluck and shave the hairs of your armpits once in maximum forty days

18. It is Sunnah to remove the pubic hairs once in maximum forty days.

19. It is Sunnah to have kohl three times on our right eye, two times on our left eye, and to begin from the right one.

20. We should bury or burn the nails and hairs we cut by wrapping them in something.

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