Will there be a difference in the skin color of people in the hereafter? Will black people be able to have white skins?

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Since the Hereafter is a "place of power", it is not possible to compare that realm with worldly measures, and to measure and weigh it with what we see in the world.

For, everything in the world is created based on a reason and wisdom but everything will be created without the need for them in the hereafter. Since there is no such thing as the secret of testing in the hereafter, strange and wonderful things and events will frequently be seen. People will be surprised and astonished all the time.

A believer will only say "alhamdulillah" in the face of blessings and expresses his praise and gratitude. Does the tree speak, does the stone understand the news, does the water listen to the orders or do animals speak in the world? No, they don't. However, everything will have life, everything will be conscious, and every being will work under the command of man in the hereafter. The tree will speak, the stone will hear the news, the water will follow man. Whatever we think, whatever we want and whatever we dream and feel will come true.

Many things will happen for no reason. In such a realm, everybody will attain blessings according to his degree. Although the face of man will remain fixed in terms of shape in this realm, his beauty, luminosity and sweetness will increase many times; his imperfections will disappear and his deficiencies will be completed; thus, man will become perfect in all aspects.

Allah Almighty created and creates every human being with a different beauty in the world. However, all kinds of beauties will be added to those beauties. Since Paradise will give believers all kinds of blessings in a way that they will love, adopt and enjoy, it is possible for the same thing to happen related to "skin color". For example, if a black person always wants to be white in the world, Allah Almighty can give that person what he wants in the hereafter if He wills.

The following conversation between the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and a Companion sheds light on the issue. Aswad, who was an Ethiopian with a black face like coal and whose name meant black in Arabic, came to the presence of the Messenger of Allah. He stood timidly. He said, "O Messenger of Allah! I want to ask you a question. Will you give permission?" The Prophet said, "Yes, of course? What is your question?"

He said, " O Messenger of Allah! You are superior to us in terms of appearance, color and prophethood. Allah created you exceptionally beautiful. Can I be in Paradise with you if I believe in what you believe in and if I do the good deeds you do?" The Prophet said, "Yes, you can." Then, he gave the following good news to Aswad, whose heart was warmed toward Islam, who was overjoyed with the love of the prophet, whose face was black, but whose spirit was white and bright:

"I swear by Allah, in whose hand is my soul, that the whiteness of Aswad in Paradise can be seen from a distance of a thousand years." Aswad, who received this good news, became a believer and began to weep out of joy. This desire for Paradise burned him so much that he fell to the ground suddenly. They checked whether he was alive. He had already passed away. The Messenger of Allah led his janazah prayer and placed him in the grave with his blessed hands.1

Yes, Allah Almighty, who fulfilled that wish of Aswad, can fulfill the wishes of other black Muslims if He wills.

1. Usdul-Ghaba, 1:83.

Mehmet Paksu

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