Will I be able to change my race in Paradise?

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- Will I be able to change my race in Paradise and have another race?
- For example, if I am African in this world, will I be able to change my race and become Korean?

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Dear Brother / Sister,

First of all, we should state that the spirit has no race; race is a characteristic of the body, and a new body that is suitable for Paradise will be created in Paradise.

Therefore, no one in Paradise will change their race, nor will they want to do so. There is no need to do so; one will not feel this need.

Besides, race is related to the lineage from which a person comes. Nobody can change their lineage.

 On the other hand, all human beings are descended from our father Adam and mother Eve (Hawwa). In this respect, we all have the same race.

In that case, thinking in this way is a delusion showing that one is ashamed of one’s own race and desires to be of another race. However, one is not responsible for that, and it does not fit a servant to boast of it or to be ashamed of it; it is a sin.

However, it is possible to have any type of body you want in Paradise.

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