Will the decrees of the Quran continue in the hereafter?

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- Will the decrees of the Quran end or continue in the hereafter?

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The question “Will the decrees of the Quran end?” is so comprehensive as to lead us to different outcomes. For instance, the prohibition of a man marrying his mother is a decree of the Quran; will it be abolished? Definitely not. The principles of belief are decrees of the Quran; they will not be abolished by any means... If the decrees of the Quran do not continue, will theft, killing a person, etc. be permissible there? If they continue, will prayer, fasting, worshipping, etc. continue?

If the question is not in the form of leading to such different states, we can state the following very easily:

- There is no testing in the hereafter. The Quran exists for the religious testing.  The realm of the hereafter is not a place of testing but a place where the test results are dominant. It is no longer the time to work but the time to rest. It is not the time to worship but the time to get rewards. Therefore, the deeds of worship, which are the decrees of the Quran, are longer in question. One can read the Quran and glorify Allah in Paradise but they are done for the pleasure of the spirit, mind and heart, not as duties.  

The following statement of Badiuzzaman regarding the issue is very good:  

“O wretched ones! When you journey to the grave do not cry out in despair, ‘Alas! Everything we owned is destroyed, all our efforts are wasted; we have left the beautiful broad earth and entered the narrow grave,’ for everything of yours is preserved, all your actions written down, every service you have rendered recorded. A Glorious One in whose hand is all good and who is able to bring all good to fruition, will reward your service: drawing you to Himself, He will keep you only temporarily under the ground. Later, He will bring you to His presence. What happiness for those of you who have completed their service and duty; your labour is finished, you are departing for ease and mercy! Service and toil are over, you are going to receive your wage." (see Mektubat, Yirminci Mektub, p. 227)

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