Why is it necessary to know man truly?

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4.3.1-It is necessary to know man truly

Despite the great developments in science in the twentieth century, and despite the name information age given to the time period we live in, man continues to be a great enigma. The way to understand people’s behavior in the past and to predict their behavior in the future is to understand man and the society, which is virtually a big human being. If the reactions of individuals and societies vary considerably and continue to surprise us, this shows that we are still far from recognizing man and human communities.

If the diagnosis is wrong or incomplete in medicine, the treatment does not become useful and the patients cannot find a cure for their problems; similarly, it is not possible to solve the individual and social problems without knowing people enough in private and social life. Therefore, the starting point of solving the problems of people and societies and providing them with permanent peace and happiness should be to understand the human nature correctly. Otherwise, all proposed solutions and written prescriptions will be useless and disappointment will continue.

            Biological sciences experienced great developments in the last century and biotechnology has become one of the most important locomotives of the global economy today. As a result, we now know the human body much better and can diagnose and treat its illnesses much better. Moreover, we will produce tissues and organs suitable for the genetic structures of individuals in laboratories in the near future.

However, it is not possible to see the same bright picture for the human spirit, which shows itself with its attitudes. In other words, while the sciences related to the bodily or material structure of man have developed rapidly and show a bright future, the sciences related to the spiritual or immaterial structure of man have lagged. This clearly shows that the existing information about the spiritual structure of man is incomplete, inadequate and even invalid. The first thing that needs to be done is to try to understand the nature of man correctly by being saved from deeply-rooted prejudices. This should be done based on observations, which are the source of exact sciences, and by benefitting from the ideas of prudent thinkers in the Islamic world.

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