Why don't we take pleasure while praying?

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I am interested in Islam and have read the Qur'an and learnt much about Islam, I find no fault in the Qur'an it is perfect and I do not disagree with any aspect of Islam, it seems logical. But why do I not feel any passion, I do not feeled compelled to pray and I am unsure of my faith. What should I do?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

A person may not be always wistful. Soul that was given to us as for test does not want to worship. Our mission is to continue worshipping while struggling with soul and Satan. Sometimes eagerness for worshiping increases, sometimes it can decrease. Those are not important. You should not esteem towards Satan’s scruple. Unwillingness to worship does not emerge from unbelief. If you did not have a perfect faith, you would not occupy that problem to yourself. You should remain insensitive to the scruples about this subject. Also, it is necessary to keep away from sins. A person, who commits sins, begins to get bored of worships. In this case, you should repent as soon as possible and keep away from sins.

There are some causes for us about being unwilling while worshipping: 

1- It can be because of the fact that we do not understand exactly the importance and the value of worshipping. In this case, it is necessary to benefit from the books telling us the essence of the worships.
2- The atmosphere we are in can be very unfavorable spiritually. Indeed, our noses feel indisposed somewhere where a carcass exists. Similarly, we may not get pleasure from the worships at a place where a lot of harams (acts or deeds which are prohibited by Allah) are being committed since our spirit will feel indisposed there.
3- A sick person can not take pleasure from the things he eats and drinks. For example, someone whose tongue is injured can not relish and enjoy the taste of the food he is eating. Then, he should be cured. We also injure our spirits and hearts and make them sick by committing sins. Because of that, we are unable to take exact pleasure from the worshipping which is the sustenance of the spirit. Therefore, we have to be cured.  At first, the curing of the spirit is possible with repent and istighfar (asking forgiveness from Allah), then trying not to commit those sins again.
There is an important subject here. The sick person can not delight the food he is eating and drinking but he still continues to eat and drink. Because, he has to be nourished. We should also go on worshipping although we do not enjoy it. Because, our spirits need sustenance. If Allah wills (inshaallah), we will begin to take pleasure in the course of time and the worship we perform will save us from sins.  

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