The Second Station of the Twenty-First Word : Waswasa (Scruple); its definition and the ways of disposing it.

The Second Station of the Twenty-First Word

[This comprises five cures for five of the heart’s wounds.]

In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Compassionate.

And say: “O my Sustainer! I seek refuge with You from the suggestions of the evil ones * And I seek refuge with you, O my Sustainer, lest they should come near me.” (Qur’an, 23:97-8.)

O one afflicted with the sickness of scruples! Do you know what your scruples resemble? A calamity! The more importance they are given, the more they grow. If you give them no importance, they die away. If you see them as big, they grow bigger. If you see them as small, they grow smaller. If you fear them, they swell and make you ill. If you do not fear them, they are light and remain hidden. If you do not know their true nature, they persist and become established. While if you do know them and recognize them, they disappear. And so, I shall explain only five ‘Aspects’ which, of the many sorts of these calamitous scruples, are those which most frequently occur. Perhaps it may be curative for you and for me, for these scruples are such that ignorance invites them and knowledge repulses them. If you do not recognize them they come, if you do recognize them they go.

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First Aspect: The cure for the anxiety and hopelessness caused by scruple.

Second Aspect: The forms that meanings take in the imagination of man and the relation of them with scruple.

Third Aspect: The association between notions and their relation with scruple.

Fourth Aspect: The scruple caused by the excessiveness in religion.

Fifth Aspect: The scruple related to the issues of belief.

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