Why does the Quran not mention "the new world"? Does it comply with pagan faiths? Pig, which is raised a lot in the Arabic world, is prohibited but there is no information about the Komodo dragon.

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1. Firstly, the Quran is not a book that was sent down to teach geography. Neither "the new world" regions nor "the old world" regions are narrated in the Quran. The Quran mentions historical stories in order to tell people about the end of those who obey the prophets and those who disobey them and to enable them to take lessons from the past, not to teach them history or geography. 

2. Religion is a test. The main principle of a test is secrecy. Equality of opportunity can be ensured only by doing so. If very clear information were given about the future in religious books, it would be contrary to the secrecy of the test.  

However, there is a lot of information about the future in the Quran and hadith resources. A lot of news about the future is given in the Quran: The light of the sun will fade one day; the starts will be scattered and the solar system will be eliminated; the mountains will be broken into pieces and will disappear; this place will be changed with another place; the skies will be rolled like a notebook.

There are signs that radio, television, plane and similar technological inventions will take place. It is stated in hadith resources that alcoholic drinks, gambling, interest and fornication will increase at the end of time.

3. The primary purpose of the heavenly religions especially the religion of Islam  - which stands afresh like the first day it emerged – is to teach people the oneness of Allah and to save people from all kinds of shackles and chains of paganism based on lies. The basic message of Islam regarding the issue is as follows:

He who becomes a slave of Allah is freed from becoming the slave of others. A person who is not a real slave of Allah will have the risk of being a kind of slave of other beings. Belief is both light and strength, both conscience and freedom. A person who has real belief will not fear even if the whole world explodes like a bomb. He does not accept to be a slave of any being but Allah. For, he believes in Allah, who holds the reigns of everything, has the keys to everything, sees everything every moment and has infinite knowledge and power that tackles everything.

It is irrational and illogical to confuse such a religion with pagan faith.

5. Pig had an important place in the life of some people and had a value in their practice. It is natural for the Quran to mention it since it prohibited eating the meat of that animal. From this point of view, the Komodo dragon is of no significance. There are thousands of living species that are not mentioned in the Quran. What is wrong with it?

To want the list of animals from the Quran means to regard it as a zoology and biology book.

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