Why are prayers allocated to five times?

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Why are prayers allocated to five times?
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Each time of prayer is the beginning of an important revolution and also a mirror of the divine disposition. It is necessary to glorify and honor Allah more at those times. Prayer, which means thanking and praising, was ordered for the numerous bounties accumulated between two times.

For instance, at the time of the morning prayer, there is a huge day and a lot of tasks awaiting man.  It is an essential need of the spirit to take refuge in Lord and ask for His help for the coming troubles. Man is weak and poor. The weight of those burdens overwhelm him. To know and ask for the help of his Lord gives man peace. Therefore, from this aspect, it is an essential need of the spirit to perform the morning prayer.  

Noon is the time when the spirit of man that is spiritually overwhelmed by the tiring and suffocating weight of the worldly works. So the spirit attains the peace through the noon prayer by turning towards Allah.

Afternoon is the time when the day starts to end and reminds partings. The sun goes away gradually. The day is leaving, the life is going, the world is going towards the Day of Judgment. The heart and the spirit always feel pain due to the partings, they do not want to leave the things that they are interested in and they do not even want to think of it. So, to perform the afternoon prayer at that time is an essential need of the heart and the spirit.

Evening prayer reminds man that with the end of the day life will also end and the Day of Judgment will come. It is shown at the time of evening prayer that the spirit of man is need of taking refuge in Allah’s presence and man is reminded that the world and the worldly things that man is interested in are not of help to him and will leave him alone. 

The time of night prayer is the time when the day closes and it reminds man the silence of the grave and his loneliness. Man is in need of taking refuge in a Lord that will console him and will free him of his loneliness. So by performing night prayer he ascends to His presence.

It is understood from the explanation above how wise it is that five obligatory prayers are allocated to certain times of the day.

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