Who named the Prophet Musa (pbuh)?

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Who named the Prophet Musa (pbuh)?
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Prophet Musa was named by the Pharaoh's daughter who found him on water and adopted him as her son. (see DİA, Musa item)

The name Musa consists of two words in Coptic. One is the Word “mu” (meaning water ) the other one is “sa” (meaning tree ). (see Tabari, I/28; Qurtubi, I/395)  (It is sha instead of sa in Qurtubi.)

There were trees and there was water in the place where prophet Musa was found by the family of the Pharaoh. They named him Musa which means tree+water as a symbol of that place.

When the daughter found him in reeds she thought about the relationship between tree and water and named him Musa as a memory of his wonderful incident. (see Exodus, 4-10)

(Niyazi Beki, Kur’an’daki İsimlerin Esrarı, Zafer Yayınları)

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