Where and how will resurrection take place for the people who die in outer space?

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- Resurrection after death will definitely take place. Where and how will resurrection take place for the people who die in outer space?
- The bodies of people who die in space drift in space. How will the resurrection of these people be at the time of resurrection?

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Since there was no space travel in the past, such a thought did not arise. Therefore, it seems that we do not have the opportunity to find an answer to this question in the old sources.

However, it is possible to say the following within the framework of general principles:

According to the religion of Islam, resurrection is both spiritual and material. It consists of the reunification of the spirit and the body. Since the soul is a divine command that is indivisible, it does not die or perish.

What is important in this regard is the issue of how the body of the dead will be resurrected. Two generally accepted comments about it are at the forefront:

One of them is as follows: All of the organs of the body will be brought together and revived together with the spirit whether it is in the ground, in the sky, in the belly of a beast or at the bottom of the sea.

The other is as follows: A particle like a cell, DNA-RNA or gene called “adjb adh-dhanab” in the coccyx will be used as a seed and nucleus and the human body will be produced from it again; and it will be revived with the spirit.

The view of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi regarding the issue is as follows:

It seems that at the resurrection, the original parts of the body will be restored to it, as well as those that were discarded. This is alluded to by the vast bodies of the resurrected, and the fact that it is ‘disapproved of’ (makruh) to cut the hair or nails when canonically unclean, and that it is ‘Sunna’ to bury them. But according to investigations, a few cells from the coccyx (ajb adh-dhanab) will be sufficient as a seed and substance for the body’s re-formation.” (İşarat-ül İ’caz, 57-58)

So, the issue of how to bury the body of a person who died in space should be left to people’s minds. The issue of how to resurrect the dead person’s body should be referred to the knowledge, wisdom and power of Allah.

Allah is omnipotent; He can regenerate and revive the dead bodies of those who die in space, in the sky and elsewhere in the universe by using the incorruptible part called ajb adh-dhanab as a nucleus, a seed.

A person’s grave is in the place where his essence is.

Accordingly, the grave of the dead body under the ground is an underground pit; the graves of the dead bodies in the belly of the wild beasts, in space, in constellations and in stars are the places where they are.

Allah definitely knows best.

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