When was Hz. Khidr born? Did he meet the Prophet (pbuh)?

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When was Hz. Khidr born? Did he meet the Prophet (pbuh)?
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There is no definite information about when Hz. Khidr was born.

Scholars have different views about the person who is referred to as «one of Our servants» in the Quran and who met Hz Musa. It is disputable whether he is a prophet, messenger or saint. It is also disputable when he lived and whether he is alive or dead now.

As for his name, scholars say, «His name is Khidr». Some say his name is «Balya bin Malkan»; others say, his name is «Alyasa», «Ilyas» and «an angel».

There are also different views about who his father is. Some say, «He is Adam's son»;others say, he is, «Pharaoh's son»; some others say «He is the son of al-Is»;yet others say, «He is Kalya's son». However, according to the majority of the scholars, his name is Balya bin Malkan and Khidr is his nickname.

He is a nabi; some scholars say he is a rasul while others say he is a saint; the majority supports this view. (Ali Arslan, Büyük Kur’an Tefsiri, Arslan Yayınları: 10/526-528) The narrations stating that Hz. Khidr met and talked to the Prophet (pbuh) and that some Companions saw him, and some of the references written by Islamic scholars stating that he is still alive are as follows:

al-lsaba - Ibn Hajar 1/429-452; Sahih Muslim 4/1847 ve 2050; Sharh-us Sunnah - Baghawi 15/280; Jam'-ul Fawaid 1/43; Musnad-ul Firdaws 1/345 and 427, 5/504; Jam'-ul Jawami' - Suyuti hadith no: 4118 and 70707; Kanz-ul Ummal hadith no: 34409; Mawarid-uz Zam'an - Ibn Hibban hadith no: 2092; Tirmidhi hadith no: 30151; Zuhar-ul Firdaws - Ibn Hajar 4/401; Ihya-u Ulum-id Din 1/336; al-Fath-ul Kabir 1/439; Sharh-i Muslim - Nawawi 8/234; Ramuz-ul Ahadith p: 198; Nur-ul Absar p: 157, 258 and 270; al-Musannaf - San'ani 2/393; al-Fath-ur Rabbani - Ghaylani p: 240 …

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