When should I "pay back" the missed fasts of Ramadan?

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As salamu alaikum. I missed out four days during the just concluded Ramadan because I was down with very serious malaria. Having recovered now, I decided to commence the six days of fasting in the month of shawwal to be followed thereafter with the pay back of the number of days that I have missed during Ramadan. I did not fast on the Id-el-fitr day but I started a day after; am I wrong? Is it true that fasting is prohibited on both the Id day and the day after?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is makruh tahriman (disliked close to forbidden) to fast on the first day of the Ramadan Festival and on the four days of the Feast of Sacrifice. There are also people who deem it forbidden to fast on those days. In this respect, they may be called forbidden fast. Those days are announced by Allah as festivals for His slaves.

There is no drawback in fasting on the second day of Ramadan Festival. May Allah accept it!..

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