When does the embryo of a child become alive in a womb and What can be done for the children who die before their birth?

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Assalamu alaikum, I lost my baby at beginning of 9th week of pregnancy. There seem to be different opinions if it already had a soul or not (40th day or 120th or successive). In both cases, what is its afterlife like and is there anything I could do for my child, like special dua etc.? PLEASE HELP
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Dear Brother / Sister,

In hadiths (sayings of the Prophet) the Prophet used different expressions while explaining the development of embryo in mother's womb. While some hadiths imply that the embryo becomes alive when it is 120 days old, some hadiths explain that it becomes alive when it is 40 days old. The scholars who interpret the hadith as 120 days have said that it is not forbidden to have abortion before the first 4-month is finished, but that after the completion of 4 months, abortion is forbidden. 

However, those who base their views on the hadiths which state that the embryo becomes alive in 40 days, say that after 40 days have passed, abortion is forbidden. We will provide a study below which explains the topic with sources. 
We, too, take the narrations as basis which state that spirit is breathed into embryo when it is 40 days old. 
If the organs of miscarried babies are visible, they are washed, given name, wrapped in a shroud, and buried in the graveyard without performing the funeral prayer. 
If the fetus, after coming to life, is miscarried in mother's womb, we hope that it will be resurrected in the Hereafter and that it will be a means of forgiveness for its parents.  
Therefore, if a fetus dies in mother's womb after life is breathed into it, we are of the opinion that, in the Hereafter, it will be in Paradise and will be a means of forgiveness for its parents. 
The Qur'an can be recited/read and its reward can be sent to deceased people's spirits. In this respect, you can send the reward of Qur'an recital to your child's spirit.

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