When (after doing what kind of bad deeds) do non-Muslims become unbelievers that need to be fought?

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Nobody can wage war against an unbeliever no matter what he does individually. It is the duty of the state to decide to wage war. Therefore, if the state wages war by noticing a danger that comes from outside, it becomes necessary for the individuals to take part in that war. Otherwise, individuals cannot wage war against a non-Muslim with whom they share the same country and cannot struggle against him materially no matter what he does. For, the harms caused by the deeds done by the individuals will be more than their benefits.

Doubtlessly, an unbeliever has the right to be guided like a Muslim man who makes mistakes. The way to do it is mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah.

The following famous hadith summarizes it concisely:

"When you see a bad deed, change it with your hands if you can; but if not, try with your tongue; if it does not work either, disapprove it with your heart. It is the weakest level of belief." (Muslim, Iman, 78)

It is noteworthy that there is a certain order in the hadith; people are given duties based on their power. It is necessary to pay attention to this order in every age, especially in this age, when anarchy, hatred based on the soul of the individual and satanic plans display their power.

Accordingly, in order to eliminate a bad deed,   

- it is the duty of the state to use material power.

- it is the duty of the scholars to give advice with the tongue.

- it is the duty of the people who are not in the first two groups to disapprove it with the heart but actually it is the duty of everybody.

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