If Jews and Christians are allies (friends), why do they fight with each other?

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Jews and Christians are allies according to verse 51of surah al-Maidah. However, they fought with each other in the past. I do not think allies wage war against each other. How could you explain it?  I will be pleased if you give some information on the matter.

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Dear Brother / Sister,

The statement “They are allies” means, “Jews are allies of Jews and Christians are allies of Christians”

That is a general rule with some exceptions. Christians had wars with one another, so did Muslims. However, this is not natural. They fought due to reasons other than religion.

The verse points out that they are their allies due to the bond of religion.

Besides, it is forbidden to have non-muslims as allies but it is not prohibited to have social relations with them. It is stated that there is no objection to having relations with them based on justice and goodness. (al-Mumtahanah, 60/8)

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