What is your view on thinking about the meaning of qiraah in prayers?

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I know that we need to think about the meaning of what we read in prayers and that the amount of thawabs we get from prayers changes based on it. If I do not remember in prayer the meaning of the verses that I read beforehand, will I get the same thawabs as if I think of its meaning or will I be deprived of this thawab?
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Dear Brother / Sister,

It is virtuous to think the meaning of the verses in prayer. However, when we are thinking of the meaning of a verse, we should not ignore thinking of the meanings of the other verses. That is, we should not think of the meaning of a verse very much.

A person gets rewards based on the deeds he does. The thawab received from the verses that are read but whose meaning is not remembered despite reading them beforehand will not be the same as thinking of the meaning but still some thawabs will be received due to the intention.

In fact, what matters is to read the Quran. When a person eats something, it will be useful for him even if he does not know its content. Similarly, a verse of the Quran put in the stomach of the heart and spirit will be useful for us even if we do not know its meaning. A person will not be held responsible if he does not think about it even if he knows the meaning.

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