What is the best dhikr in the eye of Allah?

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What is the best dhikr in the eye of Allah?
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The best dhikr means to believe in Allah, to mention Him and to remember Him.

Mentioning: remembering, memorizing, recalling. The words used for praising and praying are also called dhikr. Some scholars defined dhikr as all kinds of deeds that gain man thawabs.

The Quran calls prayer (salah), which is the most comprehensive worshipping, dhikr. A believer who performs prayers mentions Allah. This dhikr starts with wudu. A person who makes preparations with the consciousness of going into the presence of Allah in the way that His beloved prophet teaches remembers and mentions Allah.

When he turns toward the Kaaba, he makes dhikr. Intention and takbir are dhikrs. Dhikr continues when he glorifies and praises Allah and when he says there is no god but Allah. A believer who performs a prayer thinks about the meaning of the verses he reads. His heart enters from state to state based on the chapters he reads.

Dhikr with the tongue exists in prayer in the form of qira’ah. Dhikr with the heart exists in prayer in the form of meditation, awe, hope and love.

Man consists of a body and a spirit; similarly, the realm consists of the visible and invisible realms. Man’s essence comes from this realm; therefore, the dhikr he makes with his body represents the dhikr of the universe.

All of the sounds in this universe, from the thunder to the lightning, from the swishing of the leaves to the tweeting of the birds, are a kind of qira’ah. They make us hear what Allah Almighty makes them say. When we read the Quran in the prayer, we join this loud dhikr and get ahead of them.

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