What does dhikr mean?

Dhikr means remembering and commemorating God. It is a clear and explicit order of the Noble Quran.
Two of the verses of the Holy Quran pertainig to dhikr are:
So (in return for all that) always remember and make mention of Me (when service to Me is due), that I may remember and make mention of you (when judgment and recompense are due); and give thanks to Me, and do not be ungrateful to Me. (Al-Baqarah Surah, 2:152)
O you who believe! When you meet a host in battle, stand firm and remember and mention God much, that you may triumph. (Al-Anfal Surah, 8:45)

There are two kinds of dhikr:
1) Oral Dhikr
2) Dhikr of Hearth

The preferred and most valued dhikr is the one performed by hearth. Language is solely the conveyer of the dhikr of hearth. If the oral one, dhikr is not performed by hearth, it cannot be considered as a kind of dhikr. If a person working in a field, or in an office, or in a factory remembers God, he performs dhikr. These people are praised in the Noble Quran as:
Men (of great distinction) whom neither commerce nor exchange (nor any other worldly preoccupations) can divert from the remembrance of God, and establishing the Prayer in conformity with all its conditions, and paying the Prescribed Purifying Alms; they are in fear of a Day on which all hearts and eyes will be overturned. (An-Nur Surah, 24:37)
These people do not get confused by and engrossed in worldly things. They are in a search of getting close to God, the Merciful.
Dhikr, which is the obligatory precept of all tariqa, softens hearths. Hearths attain grace and elegance by dhikr. Dhikr makes hearths sensitive receivers towards inspiration.

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