Some people claim, Prayer is done in order to get rid of bad notions in our minds and hearts, and they add, They do not have to pray to God since their hearts are pure and sincere. Can anybody wriggle out this farz (religious p

These people interpret having a pure and honest heart in a very simple meaning, which is they reckon that it means not thinking bad things about other people, or being helpful to others. Besides, they assume that they can get rid of praying to God by merely behaving kindly towards other people. This notion is a trick of devil and nafs (desires and strong wishes; the soul; the immature system within the human being that is a part of the Divine Existence).
These people are in a search of detecting some faults that run counter to Islam and cause harm to other people, in the lives of people who pray to God.
These people put these defects forward, and they try to find out an apology for their not praying to God by claiming that These people pray to God, yet they commit sins; nonetheless, even though we do not pray to God, we do not commit the sins they do.
Such misleading interpretations are not merely peculiar to people who do not pray to God. A person who prays to God can utter such things about another devout person who executes his religious liabilities better than he does as well.
It is stated in a hadith, When a person commits a sin, a bad and black sign emerges in his/her hearth. If the person who commits the sin repents and forswears not committing it again, his/her hearth purifies as well.
We learn from this hadith of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) that an honest and pure hearth is the one, which does not bear sins and rebellions against God. It is so meaningful that Prophet Muhammad, the Prophet who is sent by Allah to enhance and complete good moral values, started his duty by tawheed (affirming the unity and oneness of God). It is impossible for a hearth, which deviates from tawheed, attributes a partner to God, and worships idols, to be pure and sincere. Believers, who get rid of attributing a partner to God by the guidance of God and believe in odG are ordered to pray. It is not possible for a heart to be pure and sincere unless the person adheres to Gods orders.
People call a child rude and ill-mannered when he is not respectful to his parents. Then, do these people not accept from the very beginning that a person who rebels against God performs the worst immoral behaviors against God?
Nobody has the right to make false interpretations on farz (religious precepts) or distort truth (divine truths that are realized), inasmuch as everything is already clear and explicit. God gave orders, and throughout his life, Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught these orders and precepts to Muslims and practiced these rules in his own life to serve as a perfect model to Muslims. These precepts have been carried out in the centuries following the period during which Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) lived, too. In these centuries, Murshids (spiritual teachers) gave great importance to voluntary prayers (such as sunnah) as well as farz (obligatory religious precepts) to help believers get close to God even closer. Besides, many big and small masjid (mosques), lodges of dervish, and Muslim theological schools were built.
Now, doomsday is nearing. Now, it is the era in which everyone is completely interested in worldly things, they get estranged from their religion, they lead dissolute lives, they run after their interests etc. People no longer pray to God, they quit science, they are far from irfan (culture; spiritual knowledge). Takwa (the fear of doing wrong which comes from loving someone and not wishing him to be disappointed or hurt by you) has diminished a great deal.
A new group of people has emerged in the current era. These people try to exempt themselves from praying to Allah by claiming that they have pure and sincere minds and hearths. In fact, they are on a sort of wavelength that contradicts with all prophets, those who saw and believed Prophet Muhammad, avliyas (Muslim saints) and the believers of fourteen centuries.
People in that notion seem as if they took an oath in order not to forswear, for they are oblivious to their rebellions. Even worse, they started to stand up for their wrong and absurd views. Their response to their Muslim fellows has always been that the important is thing my hearth and minds being pure and sincere. When they are asked to pray to God.
Despite its low probability, it is also possible to come across some people who read a little to get informed about religious issues. Yet, wrong notions confuse these people. Furthermore, these people read too much, which is not profitable for them. Besides, upon getting some information, they reckon that they are knowledgeable enough to comment on religious subjects. They may not be dissolute, but their insufficient knowledge of religion leads them to uphold faulty and absurd notions. Nevertheless, they seem to take no heed of these faults.

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