What is the wisdom behind the creation of the people of Hell?

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- The following question came to my mind: Allah might not have created the people of Hell, and might have created only the people of Paradise. Why did he not do it?  
- I answer that question as there is some wisdom behind it but I cannot get rid of that question. Will you please answer it?

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Answer 1:

First of all, we should say that no matter what one does, there cannot be a test that everyone can pass. When there is a test, there may be those who fail along with those who pass. If there are those who have failed, you cannot say, "if only nobody failed or if only those who failed had not taken the test". After all, the purpose of the test is to show it.

In that case, people who take the world test should also be treated according to the results of the test.

The creation of the world of testing is the manifestation of divine will with mercy and wisdom as a voluntary action in accordance with the nature of the human species. Human nature is a choice-based category that can choose between good and better.

While beings such as angels form the category of beings that can do only good deeds, devils form the category of lack of good deeds. As for humans, they lie between those two categories of beings. For this reason, the process of testing and being tested is necessary for their existence.

The divine will might have wanted not to create such a category, to make it entirely negative or entirely positive. However, at this point, divine predestination wished to create a hesitant category of existence between goodness and lack of goodness.

The manifestation of free will in man constitutes the essence of his slavery.

It means the test is necessary, and the people who enter the test hall must be treated according to the results of that test. If the winners only are tested, it will not be called a test. In that case, it would necessary to be either an angel or an animal; there would be no need for the human species.

Answer 2:

Human nature desires an eternal life at the level of love. There is no place in the hereafter other than two lands. Man will go to either Paradise, which is the manifestation of Allah's mercy and the center of His names of beauty, or Hell, which is the manifestation of Allah's wrath and the manifestation of His names of majesty.

The third option is "to disappear, to go to nonexistence". Human nature cannot be nonexistent. In that case, if a person does not deserve Paradise, he will go to Hell.

We will learn the pain of the third option / nonexistence, which we cannot fully listen with our nature and conscience and cannot fully imagine from Badiuzzaman Said Nursi’s pure inner world:

“... Once, when I was little, I asked my soul: 'Do you want to be given a million years of lifespan and reign in the world but then fall into nonexistence and nothingness? Or do you want everlasting but mean and painful existence? It desired the latter and sighed for the former: ‘I want everlastingness even if in Hell.'" (Asa-yı Musa, p. 40) (Asa-yi Musa, p. 40)

The following statement of Badiuzzaman Said Nursi is also a good answer to our question:

“Belief bears the seed of a sort of Paradise, while unbelief conceals the seed of a sort of Hell.

And just as unbelief is a seed of Hell, so Hell is one of its fruits.

And just as unbelief is the reason for being sent to Hell, so it is the cause of Hell’s existence and creation.

For if an insignificant ruler of small dignity, small pride, and small majesty is told impudently by some unmannerly person: “You may not punish me and you cannot,” if there is no prison in that place, the ruler will certainly have one built for him and will throw him into it.

However, by denying Hell, the unbeliever is giving the lie to One of infinite dignity, pride, and glory, who is sublimely and infinitely powerful, and is accusing Him of impotence, lying, and powerlessness; he is insulting His dignity and offending His pride terribly.

He is rebelliously causing affront to His glory. If, to suppose the impossible, there was no reason for Hell’s existence, it would certainly be created for unbelief, which comprises denial and ascribing impotence to this degree, and such an unbeliever would certainly be cast into it.” (see Sözler, p. 503)

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