What verses of the Quran should be read for what purpose?

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We advise you to refer to the detailed books written about the issue. The branch of knowledge dealing with the features and effects of some verses and chapters of the Quran is called "the Knowledge (Science) of Khawassul-Quran". We will give some examples of those verses and chapters:

a. According to what is reported from Abdullah b. Mas'ud, he asked the Prophet (pbuh) to teach him something useful and the Prophet (pbuh) ordered him to read "Ayatul-Kursiyy" and said that it would prevent him, his children, house and the houses around his house. (see Suyuti, Itqan, 11/164; Taşköprüzâde, 2/569)

b. According to what Abu Hurayra narrates, when the Prophet (pbuh) was in distress and hardship, Jibril appeared and advised him to read verse 111 of the chapter of al-Isra. (see al- Itqan, ibid; Taşköprüzâde, II/568-73)

c. According to what Hz. Ali narrates, if the chapter of "al-An'am" is read to an ill person, he will be cured. (see ibid)

d. Badiuzzaman Said Nursi has some views that can be regarded as original related to this issue, which is known as "Khawassul-Quran" in tafsir literature. When he interprets the verse "Verily, when He intends a thing, His Command is, ‘be’, and it is! (Kun fa yakun) at the end of the chapter of Yasin, he deals with the nature of creating with command. When he explains the issue with the existence of the influence of the Quranic letters, which are the material of verbal commands, he states the following:

"Here, in order to make more comprehensible in this century’s materialist view Hadiths about the characteristics, qualities, and material effects of the Qur’an’s letters, and particularly the disjointed letters at the start of 29 Suras, we shall illustrate this mystery with a material example. The All-Glorious One, the Owner of the sublime throne, has four thrones by which He directs the creatures on the earth, which is like a center of the world and a heart and qibla of the universe: One is the throne of preservation and life, which is earth. This is the manifestation of the divine names of Preserver and Giver of Life. The Second Throne is the throne of bounty and mercy, which is the element of water. The Third is the throne of knowledge and wisdom, which is the element of light. The Fourth is the throne of will and command, which is the element of air. And although water, and especially the sperm of animals, is a simple fluid, innumerable miracles of art become manifest through it in the many animate creatures. This shows that similarly to these two thrones, light and air are the places of manifestation of the wondrous miracles of the pen of knowledge, command, and will of the Pre-Eternal Inscriber, the All-Knowing One of Glory, despite their simple nature."

"There are some hidden marvels within the element of air, which is the throne of the divine command. With the air in our mouths we sow letters and words which at once sprout and send forth shoots. That is to say, in an instant, in no time at all, a Word becomes a seed in the air, sprouting in the surrounding air and producing the shoots of innumerable instances of the same word, great and small, in the air all around. We consider the element of air and we see that it is so obedient and subjugated to the command of “Be! and it is” that it is as if like a soldier in a regular army, each of its particles is as though ever awaiting its orders, demonstrating its compliance with and submission to commands manifested from the command of “Be!”, arriving instantaneously from another particle far off and will."

"For example, the fact that human speech may be heard anywhere in the air by means of radio transmitters and receivers – on condition there is a receiver – everywhere on earth, at the same moment, instantaneously, demonstrates how perfectly each particle of air obediently conforms to the manifestation of the command of “Be! and it is.” In respect of sacredness and in accordance with the mystery of compliance, the letters, which have an unstable existence in the air, may manifest many external effects and material qualities." (see Lem'alar, p. 658-659).

"These letters have a quality that convert their spiritual aspects into material aspects and their unknown aspects into visibility. Since it is observed with endless signs that letters, which are the beings of the element of air, especially the sacred letters of the Quran and in particular the disjointed letters, which are at the beginning of 29 chapters and which are divine codes, seem to be listening to and fulfilling the regular, endless, delicate and timeless commands. In terms of the holiness of the air particles, it is definitely necessary not to doubt about the trueness of the features of the letters that receive the manifestation of the command “Be! and it is” and the pre-eternal will and their virtues that reached us through narrations." (see ibid)

All of the verses of the Quran are cure for all material-spiritual illnesses. However, the cure of the of the chapter of al-Fatiha, Ayatul-Kursiyy, verses including the word shifa (cure), etc. has been proved by experience.

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